About treerings

We are building technology that supports the inside journey.  Where social media is all about the outside, creating the persona you want the world to see, our solution gives you time back to develop a relationship with your true self and invest your time to growing from beautiful authenticity.

TreeRings is our first product and focuses on early childhood.  It’s a starting point for us as we iterate and build transformative technology that puts the individual's entire journey at the center to create their single source of truth.  Everyone involved in the child’s protection, care and growth have one unified view of the child’s information to collaborate and nurture an environment for growth.

We love talking with parents!
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Empowering Parents to Protect Their Child's Private Information

Your Child's Privacy is our Priority

As parents, we instinctively want to protect our children and set them up for success.

We build a community to support our loved one's growth. And we want the best experience so we provide caregivers information that is consistent, accessible, and accurate.

But, is it as secure and private as we would want?

Our mission began when we discovered that the vast amount of data about our children is not as secure as we would want and is often shared with third parties without our knowledge.

We started thinking, "How will this affect their future success?"

It's our job to protect our children and their privacy, so we took on the challenge and created a simple way to control AND secure their most important asset - their personal information.

Now, children’s personal data, preferences, and milestones are in one secure location and parents manage who can access.

TreeRings gives parents control.

One Child. One Story. One Place.

Because every moment counts