Data Owner Guide

We are not a platform.  Platforms are centralized services that have the ability to view and harvest your personal data and your interactions with others.  

Lens has built you a personal, private self storage container for your contact information.  Only you have the keys to this container and can grant private and secure access with those who need your contact data.  Your personal container is outlined in red and watermarked with a “PRIVATE SECURE” classification. 

The current architecture used by the Cloud, applications and services all require their own copy of your contact data.  This means that if your data changes for any reason, you have to go change it in all the various platforms and services.  Worse, your contact data is sold in data exchanges.  This is how robo-callers continuously obtain and use your mobile number.

The current data ownership model is broken on various levels and we are going to fix it by building from a new decentralized foundation where you are the owner of your data instead of the platforms.  Your data, over your entire lifetime, will be aggregated in one location - your personal single source of truth!  You will become the sole owner of your data and fully control who has access to it.  

How your data works for you is a core value of our new solution.  That is why we are starting with contact data.  If there is one piece of information that everyone needs and that you should own and control access to, it would be your contact information. 

When you want to share your contact information you no longer give away the actual data, instead you share a subscription and license (Lens) to access your data.

The idea is that only those you shared your Lens with can actually contact you.  It takes two factors -  identity (the data) and authentication (license) to be able to be able to communicate with you and you control both.

To create your virtual business card follow these steps:

Create your Blockstack ID
Goto on your mobile browser and tap “Sign In with Blockstack.  This will create your personal storage container and your private keys used to encrypt your data. You are the only one with the keys to your data safe and you control who else can access your data, privately and securely.

Sign in with your Blockstack ID
Tap the Blockstack ID to log into your container and populate your personal contact information.  Note that the container has clear watermarks “PRIVATE AND SECURE”.  All data inside the red outline is data that you fully own and control access.

Save Data
Tap the Save button to save your data.  That’s it!  You are now ready to share subscriptions (Lenses) to your virtual business card with others so that they can easily access your contact data. 

Share Your Virtual Business Card
In the toolbar at the bottom, tap Recipients and then tap Share Business Card.  You will be prompted with “allow access to location data”.  This location data is captured for your future reference on where the Lens, subscription, was created. 
A QR code will be generated which the recipient can easily scan with their mobile camera. Have the recipient save the vCard.  They now have a subscription (URL) to access your business card. 
You can revoke a Lens (subscription) to your business card either by sliding left on the recipients name or tapping "Revoke" in the recipient's card.  This deletes the unique URL that was generated for them to access your contact information.

Sign Out
To log out of your virtual business card, tap Sign Out in the toolbar.   

You can reach us at anytime by sending an email to! 

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