Frequently asked questions

What is TreeRings? 

TreeRings is a solution for parents to securely store personal information about their children and to privately share access with other caretakers, family and friends. Our mission is to put your child’s success at the center and ensure that their personal data is kept private and is always working for them.

Can I trust TreeRings?

Our key value is ‘trust’ and we work to earn it every day by offering you a solution that puts your child’s privacy and success at the center.

How is my child's information secure?

We leverage Lens® to build a personal and private vault for you to safely store your child’s information. All data that is stored in the vault uses your private keys to encrypt the information.

How can I provide feedback to you?

We want to hear from you, share our vision and principles and build a relationship. We exist to serve parents and their children. Your feedback is essential, we listen so that we can evolve to better meet your needs.

What makes my data private? 

Our solution is built on a privacy-by-default architecture. This means that only you can view the data you store in your vault. TreeRings gives you the ability to then share pieces of the information with other caretakers, family and friends without ever being tracked. You decide what others can see so that they have all the information to help in caring and supporting your child. This is why we built TreeRings, a solution for parents to securely store information about their children in one place and control the access.

What makes TreeRings better than other solutions?

TreeRings is designed as a single source of truth for your child’s information. You maintain the accuracy of the information in one place - TreeRings. You can grant access to this information to others. Having one truth is vital for better outcomes and services. If anyone asks for your child’s information, you can grant them a subscription instead. You always know who has access to your child’s information and can change it at any time.

Is my data shared or sold?

No, Never. None of the data or any of your interactions are collected or tracked. Your data is never sold. You are our customer and we are committed to you and your privacy. It is our business to ensure that you have a secure and private vault and the data stored for the important people in your life is protected.

How do I cancel my membership? 

You can delete your account anytime should you decide to no longer use TreeRings to secure and maintain your child’s information. All data, shares and your private keys are deleted from our system.  This process is irreversible.  We have no access or backups to your account. 

How do I create a vault for other family members?

Simply tap +Child and add a container for any family member or pet.  Different classifications and data models will be available in later updates.  Let us know what you want and need!

Can I download my data? 

Yes, simply contact us at and we will help you extract your data into a CSV file.  We also plan to enable an export feature within the app that has additional security to ensure identification prior to exporting information from your vault. 

How do I get customer support?

You can connect with us within the application by selecting Feedback or simply send us an email at

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